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I rediscovered what is quite possibly the best game of all time:

That's right-Kirby's Dreamland 3. While losers can try to convince me that "HALO 2 PWNZ ALL," newer games ain't got diddlysquat on Kirby and his army of retardedly cute companions, which consist of (from left to right): Coo, Pitch, Chuchu, Rick, Useless Blob, Nago, and Kine. (Coo and Nago deserve cults because they rock that much. For rillz.)

The storyline is very simple- Kill the bosses in every world to get to the next, while in the process collecting the soopar!s33krit heart stars in each level as to access the final boss (which is hard like whoa). Anyway, I had some fun with the screen capture feature of my emulator, so lzolz.

Kirby jumping like a retard. Wee:

After pressing every button on my keyboard, I found out how to ride my animal friends (yeyeye). Much fun occured afterwards.

Rick and Kirby running over shit:

Rick and Kirby running -away- from a bat because they can't get rid of the rock ability:

Nago and Kirby at the beach. Stfu, they rock:


I wanted to see what Pitch could do and I must admit that I was quite disappointed. So I decided to trade him in...:

...for a -real- bird that can blow stuff up:

...and at the same time, be used as a cleaning device :D :

After a while, I tried to beat the final boss:

...and sucked at it:


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